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Famous NDEs: How NDEs Transformed Lives of these Famous People

Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) are profound events that can leave an indelible mark on anyone, including well-known personalities. In this blog post, we explore the stories of famous individuals who have reported NDEs and examine how these experiences profoundly impacted their lives and work.

1. Elizabeth Taylor: A Glimpse Beyond

Legendary actress Elizabeth Taylor shared her NDE experience during a surgery in the late 1950s. She recounted moving towards a white light and encountering her deceased third husband, Mike Todd, who told her she must return. Taylor’s experience significantly influenced her perspective on life and death, making her more open about her spiritual beliefs and less fearful of dying.

2. Gary Busey: A Changed Outlook

Actor Gary Busey experienced an NDE in 1988 following a severe motorcycle accident. He described an encounter with angelic figures and a communication with a spiritual presence. Post-experience, Busey became vocal about his changed views on life, spirituality, and his increased commitment to Christian faith, which influenced his subsequent career choices and personal endeavors.

3. Sharon Stone: A New Beginning

Sharon Stone’s NDE occurred during a brain hemorrhage in 2001. She described seeing a bright light and feeling a sense of tremendous peace. After recovering, Stone spoke of a deeper appreciation for life and an altered view of what’s truly important, leading to more humanitarian work and a shift in her approach to her acting career.

4. Dannion Brinkley: From Life-Changing to Life Purpose

Dannion Brinkley’s NDE happened in 1975 after being struck by lightning. He wrote about his experience in the bestselling book, “Saved by the Light.” Brinkley’s experience led him to become a hospice volunteer and an author, focusing his life’s work on helping others prepare for death.

5. Jane Seymour: Renewed Passion and Purpose

Actress Jane Seymour underwent an NDE during a severe bout of anaphylactic shock in 1981. She recounted leaving her body and feeling a sense of peace before choosing to return. This experience profoundly impacted Seymour, leading her to live with a renewed passion for life and influencing her artistic and philanthropic endeavors.

6. Tracy Morgan: A Reaffirmed Commitment to Comedy

Comedian Tracy Morgan had an NDE following a horrific car accident in 2014. He described meeting his deceased father, who told him it wasn’t his time yet. This experience had a significant impact on Morgan’s life, bringing a new depth to his comedy and a renewed appreciation for his career and family.

7. Peter Sellers: A Shift in Consciousness

Famed actor Peter Sellers experienced an NDE during a series of heart attacks. He claimed the experience brought him face to face with celestial beings and profoundly changed his personality and outlook on life, influencing his acting style and personal life choices.


These stories of famous NDEs highlight not just the dramatic nature of the experiences themselves but also their capacity to transform lives. Whether it leads to a change in career, a renewed sense of purpose, or a shift in personal beliefs and values, the impact of an NDE can be profound and far-reaching. These accounts contribute to the wider understanding and intrigue of NDEs, showing that such experiences can touch anyone, regardless of status or fame, and leave a lasting imprint on their lives and work.

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