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How Common are NDEs?

Near death experiences (NDEs) are relatively common, with an estimated 5-15% of the general population having reported some form of NDE. NDEs are usually associated with life-threatening events, such as cardiac arrest, drowning, or serious accidents.

During an NDE, individuals often report a range of experiences, including a feeling of peace and detachment from the physical world, a sense of floating outside of the body, a tunnel of light, and encounters with spiritual beings or deceased loved ones.

While NDEs have been documented for centuries, their exact causes are still not fully understood. Some theories suggest that they are related to brain chemistry and changes in consciousness during times of stress or trauma, while others suggest that they may be related to a spiritual dimension beyond our physical world.

Despite the lack of scientific consensus, NDEs have had a profound impact on many people’s lives and beliefs. Many NDE survivors report a heightened sense of compassion and purpose, as well as a diminished fear of death.

In conclusion, NDEs are not uncommon and can have a lasting impact on individuals who experience them. While more research is needed to understand their causes, the subjective nature of NDEs makes it difficult to fully explain their phenomenon through scientific means.

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