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Woman Dies And Is Shown Her Past Lives During Incredible NDE

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  1. You sometimes read accounts from people and one never knows whether they are genuine or not. From time memorial persons have made claims of NDE – some deliberately misrepresenting their experience, some who may experienced some type of delusion aka mental health issue, and thirdly, those who are genuine. In my humble view this account seems more probable than not that it is true, and I found her account inspiring.
    I am moved to such a finding on the basis of this ladies NDE that when she ‘came back’ dedicated her remaining life to provide pastoral care to those incarcerated, or about to be released. Her experience was truly life changing – not only for her but others she helped. The essence of our reason for being here in the natural world is to help others, especially the disadvantaged, the sick, and needy. In my book ‘Life After Death – Answers and New Insights’ I cover the questions of life purpose, reincarnation, and the truth about Heaven & Hell.

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